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Behavioral Intervention Plans for College Learning Online

Full Title: Applying the Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) in the Asynchronous Online Learning Environment: Case Studies from an Undergraduate Biology Classroom

Author: Cheryl Mazzeo

Institutional Affiliation: University of the People

Location of Work: United States

Year Completed: 2022

Not Submitted for Publications Because: Abandoned Project

Topic: Education

Keywords: Higher education, behavioral intervention plan, online learning, asynchronous classroom, teaching strategies

Abstract: Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIPs) are conventionally applied in special education but have utility in the online science classroom. By applying BIPs in the online environment, instructors may enhance student performance due to direct and personalized instructional support. The behavioral intervention was conducted for at-risk students participating in an introductory biology course for majors, in an asynchronous online setting. Gradebook data, instructor feedback, messages between the students and instructor, and submitted assignments were analyzed using a mixed-methods approach. The five students selected to participate in the intervention and case analysis are residents of the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. The application of the BIP positively influences academic performance. Discussion assignment performance improved post-BIP, compared to baseline. In addition, all students selected to participate in the BIP earned course credit. It is reasonable to conduct reviews of student work and communications as a stand-in for direct student observation in the online environment. A qualitative advantage of the BIP is its ability to support students’ understanding of complex scientific concepts. Further, it is valuable to adapt learning tools conventionally applied in the brick-and-mortar setting to the online environment as the utilization of internet-based instruction increases in popularity.

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